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Champagne Superknobhead

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Liam Gallagher made a surprise appearance at the Brit Awards 2010 to accept the award for best Brits album of the past 30 years.

After praising Oasis fans as “the best fans in the fucking world” and telling them to “live forever”, Gallagher hurled his award and microphone into the audience before stomping offstage.

Peter Kay, who was hosting the ITV ceremony, summed up the mood in the auditorium. “What a knobhead” he said, prompting the biggest laugh of the night.

Liam Gallagher hit back on Twitter and chastised the Bolton-born comic for not insulting him to his face.

“Listen up fat fuck, as a real northerner I was brought up 2 say shit 2 people’s faces not behind their back. Live forever LG”

Apart from his obvious error in attempting to engage in a war of words with someone who is hugely successful in a profession where verbal put downs are a major part of the job description, by insulting Peter Kay via Twitter, Mr G. revealed himself as the (toss)pot having a go at the kettle’s ebony hue.

As a northerner myself I was keen to find the source of this particular brand of upbringing etiquette. After several hours of research in  Manchester Central Library, I failed to find any literature pertaining to the topic of segregating child rearing methodology via geographic region. I can only conclude that this must be an extremely localised publication probably confined to the boundaries of the Gallagher household itself. Presumably the content of this document also encourages swaggering around like a haemorrhoid sufferer and replicating the coiffure of a playmobil character.


You do have to feel sorry for him though in his quest to be a ‘bad boy’ of rock. He entered Rock ‘n’ Roll when every conceivable behavioural excess had already been acted out, with some aplomb, by the likes of Hendrix, Moon, Vicious, Bonham, Sixx and Osbourne. Mr G’s only excess seems to be hair product. It’s hardly likely that medium strength swearing coupled with a permanent two finger salute is going to trouble the membership committee of the Society of the Debauched whose patrons have previously met the required entry standard by blowing up their drum kit, carving ‘GIMME A FIX’ in their chest and snorting their dad’s ashes.

Maybe the release of his new clothing range will tip the balance in his favour at the next round of inductions.