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Drew Barrymore has lavished praise on Ricky Martin for coming out as gay. ‘My lofty goal in this world is that we can live in a world that doesn’t judge each other, I just want people to be able to live their lives that are true to them,’ said the 35-year-old. I celebrate what Ricky is doing because we have to create a world for each other where acceptance is first and foremost.’

Meanwhile in other news, a 21-month-old baby dies as a result of deliberate and repeated violence by his mother and boyfriend. Goldman Sachs pays £3.6 billion in bonuses for 3 months (£100,000 per person). A man’s appeal over a conviction for the rape of a 2-year-old girl is rejected. A world famous actor pleads mercy for his son, facing 10 years for drug dealing, blaming his problems on a privileged but difficult childhood and the long shadow cast by a family of screen icons. Two sisters die as a result of arson by the rejected ex-boyfriend of one of them. Erin O’Connor offsets her trousers with accessories and Victoria Beckham teams her Cavallis with neutral separates. A father of two undergoes a partial lobotomy and is left permanently brain damaged after being clubbed with wooden stakes by three men who mistook him for a paedophile.

Perhaps a loftier goal would be to live in a world where we are not faced with a growing number of the populace whose only contribution to society is to increase the population. Or a world where the spectrum from haves to have nots does not range between people with little or no access to a resource that is critical to their survival and people who waste that resource through their gold plated taps. Or a world where no matter what urges a person has, when it comes to abusing children there is zero ambiguity about right and wrong. Or a world where people of sound mind with a background of unimaginable wealth and comfort take responsibility for their actions and are not under the assumption that their platinum credit card benefits include immunity from prosecution. Or a world where people are not brought up believing that the solution to ordinary everyday life’s disappointments is extreme violence. Or a world where what Posh Spice is wearing is seen at its true level of importance so that on a significance scale stretching from the earth to the moon it does not reach higher than an ant’s bell-end. Or a world where the conveyor belt at the sociopath factory is not set to full speed all day everyday (including bank holidays) churning out vicious violent headcases just itching to inflict permanent pain and suffering on anyone who might disrespect their psyche by looking at them a bit funny.

Any individual or group that is marginalised or is categorised as occupying the fringes of a normal distribution bell curve, and especially a sexual normal distribution bell curve, deserves sympathy and understanding, because, to increase circulation, they are disproportionately reported on and portrayed as ‘weird’ or ‘deviant’ by the media and then sneered at by ignorant multi-phobic tabloid addicts. However, maybe, just maybe, these or several hundred other societal issues rank higher in world importance than what boils down to the concerns of a multimillionaire actress about the effects on the personal income stream of a multimillionaire pop star resulting from his own revelations about himself.

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