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Fan The Flames

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Katy Perry inadvertently dropped a giant molotov cocktail on an enormous bonfire of rumours concerning the does-she-doesn’t-she take semisynthetic psychedelic drugs debate.

In a recent interview before being a guest judge at Dublin’s X Factor auditions, she said she hoped to ‘find someone who’s going to change the world’.

Completely off her tits on the stuff I’d say.


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Every so often you’ll find someone who has an angle on the love song that isn’t completely beaten to death. But it just seems like such a small domain for 90 percent of pop to be centred on. I don’t know why there aren’t more songs about three cushion billiards, which I think is the most beautiful, graceful thing a human being can do. I don’t understand why there aren’t songs about taxidermy or fly fishing. There are so many things that people do for satisfaction that don’t centre on rubbing genitals.

Steve Albini

Always remember that you don’t really know anything. You might know what a chord is called or how a sequencer works, but ultimately you can never anticipate how anyone is going to react to the music you make. So be yourself and make it provocative. Whatever you do provoke a reaction. There is too much mediocrity in the world.


If you can’t fight, wear a big hat.

May Brierley