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Posted: February 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Miley Cyrus has taken her bitter split with Justin Gaston public on Twitter. The pair battled it out for all to see in a snippy tweeting exchange. Model Gaston kick started the row, posting: ‘People mistake stupidity for bravery way to [sic] easily.’ Disney actress Cyrus replied: ‘Yeah. I love when people mistake bravery with writing a few stupid tweets trying to make it seem like they don’t care. You’re afraid to love.’

Has there ever been a more pointless use of a more pointless communication medium?

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  1. Archie Fatcacky says:

    Interesting point Scrooty though I like to see this not as blogging but as cathartic ranting. Pray tell me why would you want puerile teenage love spats at any speed greater than pedestrian? In dessert terms I would class blogging as pave of valrhona chocolate, sugared pistachio honeycomb & caramelised pear puree. Something that has obviously taken time and thought to prepare and something for the consumer to contemplate and savour. Twitter is more your Tesco pink wafer. OK it fills an immediate need but is ultimately short lived and disappointing. Think back on all the tweets you’ve had forced on you. I’ll wager that the vast majority have been digital diarrhoea.Originally posted @ 22:01:13 on 25 August 2009 on

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